Turbo Session Oct 2014 to March 2015

I am pleased to announce today that the “turbo session” Stafford Road Club’s has run over the last few winters will start again on Thursday 30 Oct.  The sessions are designed to provide riders with a regular training session that will follow a structured programme that will run over a 20 week period through till 26 March.

The sessions will take place at Stafford rugby club which opens at 19:00 and the classes begin at 19:30 so please arrive early to allow you time to get your equipment into the club and set up ready for the 19:30 start through till 20:30-20:45.

The cost is £2 per rider which is paid directly to the rugby club on the night.  Stafford RC makes no charge for these classes.

The classes cater for all abilities and provide riders with a safe warm environment to train through the winter and the opportunity to chat with fellow members and a bit of a social in the bar afterwards.  These sessions are a great way to maintain your fitness through the winter and supplement you weekend club rides to ensure you’re fitter and stronger come the spring.

 So what do you need?


Bike (clean chain, no oily marks to be left on the floor)

Turbo trainer or rollers

Water bottles x 2

Hand towel as it will be hot

Bike computer



Bike computer with rear cadence sensor if using a turbo

Fan (it will get hot without one)

Heart Rate monitor or power meter (ideal for measuring your effort)

Money for a drink at the bar afterwards


From my initial inquiries 11 people have said they intend to attend these classes each week but the rugby club can accommodate up to 22 bikes so there is plenty of space if you too fancy joining us.  Do not worry if you have missed any of the sessions you are more than welcome to come along and join us at any time during the 20 week period.  The SRC has 2 turbo’s available to hire at £5/month so if you do not have your own turbo and would like to join us then contact Roger Morris on 07802366269 to check on their availability.

 If you have any queries regarding the above please contact me via webmail@staffordrc.org

 Safe Cycling




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