Stafford Road Club rides suspended until September 2020

At this week’s committee meeting it was agreed that Stafford Road Club would not be resuming its club rides until September once the main holiday months have passed.  This will be dependent on the latest governments advice, the social distancing rules continuing to ease and the availability of enough ride leaders.   We will post […]

Excellent club, very friendly and have a solid TT calendar!
Keri Parton
My first club, many happy memories from my time riding with them. Good to see it’s still going strong.
Ian Gilbert
Having only done small rides out by myself I wanted to try riding with a club and testing myself by going further in distance and the furthest ride I had done by myself was 29 miles my first ride out with the club i did 41 miles and the riders helped motivate and keep me going, I can say I have enjoyed my guest rides with them and have now joined the club all the riders are great and always willing to help whatever it may be
Peter Ashley