Here is the official start sheet for this Year Reg Pearce Memorial Race Stafford RC May 2022 Startsheet K48-10


On Saturday the 21st May 2022 Stafford Road Club will be hosting the Reg Pearce Memorial race which will take place on the K48/10 course from Weston to Stone and back.


This year Stafford Road Club is hosting 5 separate competitions to help encourage more people to take part in the Race of Truth.

Road Bikes will race separately to the TT bikes and the results will be for the following 5 categories.


1 -Women and Juniors on time trial bikes – Enter Here

2 -Women and Juniors on road bikes – Enter Here

3 – Men on Time Trail Bikes – Enter Here

4 – Men on Road Bikes – Enter Here

5 – Tandem event – Enter Here

Entry fee is £14 per rider and refreshments and results will be available in the HQ afterwards

You can see what the conditions and likely times will be by selecting MyWindSock and here the team have predicted likely times for riders based on the course profile and weather

Race HQ will in Weston Hall ST18 0JQ which will be open from 12:45

Stafford RC will be following continue to follow CTT Covid Guidelines in an attempt to ensure all the riders and volunteers needed ot run this event remain safe.


We look forward to receiving your entries and seeing you on the 21st May for another spectacular event