Alastair Semple

Our club President Alastair Semple was voted in at the AGM held on 16/10/2018.  Alastair has been a long standing member of the club and has over the years given back a huge amount to the club, whether in the form of a place on the committee (as Chairman), organising Open time trials, coaching winter training sessions, or just giving up his time to help out at numerous club events.

Contact tel -07955 032010

Chair: Craig McKenzie

Job Role – Chairs meetings, official point of contact for the club.

Vice Chair: Paula Blackburn

Job Role – Assists Chair , stands in when Chair is unavailable.

Treasurer: Rob Belcher

Job Role – Deals with membership fees, CTC insurance, affiliation fees, authorises all payments for club activities.

Secretary: Peter Williams

Peter was voted as club Secretary at the AGM held on 17th January 2023
Peter joined the club in 2020 and has been actively involved in sports clubs and athletic networks over a number of years

His remit includes:
Organising the club’s committee meetings

Dealing with members enquiries

Liaison with Cycling UK and other national bodies and helping keeping the committee updated on changes to policies and best practice guidance

Time Trial Secretary: Paul Taylor

07931 623487

Job Role – Organises club and open TT events each year. Gets CTT & police approval for events, first point of contact for TT enquiries, ensures equipment and volunteers are there to run each event.

Go Ride Officer: Paul Bullock

First point of contact for the Go-Ride section of the club. Leads on the organisation and promotion of the events programme laid on for juniors, including Go-Race. Helps towards SRC achieving and maintaining Clubmark accreditation. Organise training for Go-Ride members with help of the other coaches.

Youth Go Ride Volunteer Coordinator – Steve Anthony

I’ve loved mountain biking for as long as I can remember. I love the freedom and adventure that mountain biking offers along with the chance to explore.

My journey into coaching began when I saw how much progression my children made with SRC Go-Ride. Not only the technical aspect of mountain biking but, more importantly, the health and wellbeing benefits within this active sport and the friendships made within the club. This is why I decided to get into coaching and give back to the club that’s done so much for me and my children.
There is nothing more rewarding to me than seeing young members’ progression, enjoying the sport, and gaining new skills and techniques.

Youth Welfare Officer – Emily Cox

Point of contact for the Go-Ride section of the club. Dealing with welfare and support for all its members.

07740 300008

Volunteering Support:  


Handles volunteers for club time trials/events and club memberships

Committee member: Kevin Breeze

Organises the trophies and awards.


Committee member: Don Vas

Social Events

Welfare Officers

Emily Cox – 07740 300008

Emma Pickering – 07891 653668

Road Race Secretary: Post vacant

Organises RR events, first point of contact for RR enquires, ensures all RA and paperwork is in order with relevant cycling bodies and police for each RR event.