Stafford RC mid-week winter training classes start in 3 weeks’ time

Hello everyone

As the clocks are about to change and for many of us mid-week rides outside will soon be a thing of the past, starting on Wednesday 25th Oct at 18:30 I will be running a series of training sessions over a 20 week period delivered via Zwift.

So if you have a turbo, any type will work on Zwift, and you fancy a mid-week workout to help maintain your fitness this winter then please drop me an email to so I can send you the workouts each week.

If you want to be part of these training sessions its essential that you ‘follow me’ on Zwift so please search for A Semple Legato RT (Stafford RC) MidVTTA and send a following request.  I will then follow you so I can you an invite each week to join the training session.  It’s also very important that you add Staff RC into your Zwift username so I can search and find you each week amongst the thousands of users.

We use a free phone app called ‘Discord’ which allows us all to chat (you will need a set of headphones with a mic, (usually supplied when you bought your phone) while we do the workouts/rides.  So please download the app and let me know your phone number when you email me and I will send you a link to the SRC Discord channel.  Instructions are attached on how to use Discord

One other recommendation for those new to Zwift is download the ‘Zwift Companion app’ to your phone as it’s like a remote control and allows you to do some fun stuff when riding on Zwift

So I hope we can have a few new faces joining us this year and if you have any questions or are new to Zwift please either email or call me.

I provide this coaching service to the club for free but you will have to subscribe to Zwift to take part (approx. £12.99/month)

I am happy to set up a test ride a few days before so anyone not familiar so we can practise the routine of logging in and selecting their workouts to save any hiccups the first week.  Let me know if you would like to have a test run.

Please reply to if you would like to join in so I have your email to send workouts too and tell me what your Zwift user name is 😊

I will also send out details to those who want to join in on how to download the workouts, log in and select the workout each week.


Below are a few useful links for anyone who is new to all of this

Enjoy the Ride


ABCC level 3 & Training Peak level 2 Coach
07955 032 010

Stafford RC riders take part in the VTTA National 10 mile Championships

Well done to Ian Foster who was the best placed of 3 Stafford Road Club riders (Paul Taylor and Ceri Evans) who entered the Veteran Time Trail Association (VTTA) 10 mile championships hosted on the K48/10 last Sunday.  Special thanks also to Ian Brant, Melvyn Lewis, Fran Taylor, Brian Hall and Roger Morris who kindly volunteered to help me run this event.   Thanks to Roy Follows for sharing his pictures (7) Facebook

 Pic – Ian Foster – looking focused on the return leg into a strong head wind

What is the VTTA I hear you say.  Competitive Racing for Life is our moto, and through an age and gender adjusted handicapping system men and women of all ages (40 plus) can compete together on equal terms. 

So the winners of any VTTA event, and this one was no exception are the fastest riders once there age adjusted times have been deducted. We had 2 riders competing who were both in their 90’s showing that Competitive racing really has no age limits.  This years overall winner was Linda Dewhurst 64yrs young


This years TT season is about to come to an end but hopefully we will see you racing next year on one of Stafford RC events or the VTTA’s


Full results list off the VTTA website

Adjusted position AAT / AAD Std± Scratch position Time / Distance First name Last name Gender Club
1 00:19:27 +00:06:39 37 00:24:27 Linda Dewhurst Female Team Milton Keynes
2 00:19:41 +00:06:25 26 00:23:50 Deb Hutson-Lumb Female Wrekinsport CC
3 00:20:03 +00:06:03 4 00:21:21 Ian Guilor Male Mapperley CC
4 00:20:17 +00:05:49 5 00:21:23 Jon Howard Male Team Echelon
5 00:20:38 +00:05:28 14 00:22:02 Steve Gibson Male Peak Road Club
6 00:20:41 +00:05:25 38 00:24:43 Susan Semple Female Legato Racing Team (LRT)
7 00:20:45 +00:05:21 3 00:20:45 Alastair Ribbands Male Congleton CC – MyWindsock
8 00:20:46 +00:05:20 6 00:21:26 Tim Wood Male Team Echelon
9 00:20:50 +00:05:16 19 00:22:28 Simon Horsley Male Legato Racing Team (LRT)
10 00:20:55 +00:05:11 38 00:24:43 Mick Stevens Male Melton Olympic CC
11 00:20:56 +00:05:10 12 00:21:57 Ed Moss Male Beacon Roads CC
11 00:20:56 +00:05:10 47 00:25:10 Chris Dyason Male Cambridge CC
13 00:21:05 +00:05:01 11 00:21:55 Jonathan Mills-Keeling Male Aerologic RT
14 00:21:06 +00:05:00 17 00:22:12 Richard Golding Male Equipe Velo
15 00:21:18 +00:04:48 34 00:24:01 Steven Loraine Male Legato Racing Team (LRT)
15 00:21:18 +00:04:48 42 00:25:00 Gail Lowe Female Congleton CC – MyWindsock
17 00:21:26 +00:04:40 13 00:22:01 Mark Hamer Male Legato Racing Team (LRT)
18 00:21:40 +00:04:26 15 00:22:06 William Hayes Male Velo Club Long Eaton
19 00:21:42 +00:04:24 40 00:24:44 Patrick Ellerbeck Male St Neots CC
20 00:21:52 +00:04:14 58 00:26:42 Janet Fairclough Female Liverpool Phoenix CC (Aintree)
20 00:21:52 +00:04:14 61 00:27:11 Deborah Sheridan Female Warwickshire Road Club
22 00:22:10 +00:03:56 25 00:23:41 Andrew Smith Male VC Glasgow South
22 00:22:10 +00:03:56 30 00:23:55 Mark Halliday Male North Bucks RC
24 00:22:15 +00:03:51 23 00:23:27 Robin Gillespie Male Beacon Wheelers
25 00:22:18 +00:03:48 49 00:25:20 Andrew Simpkins Male Team Echelon
26 00:22:29 +00:03:37 43 00:25:02 Barrie Whittaker Male Lyme Racing Club
27 00:22:44 +00:03:22 26 00:23:50 Tim Baggs Male Sherwood CC
28 00:22:49 +00:03:17 50 00:25:21 Hayley Moore Female Ilkeston Cycle Club
29 00:22:51 +00:03:15 52 00:25:40 Jymmy Trevor (Trike) Male City RC (Hull)
30 00:23:03 +00:03:03 77 00:32:43 Alexander Munro Male SVTTA
31 00:23:05 +00:03:01 57 00:26:41 Cliff Voller Male VTTA West Group
32 00:23:08 +00:02:58 41 00:24:53 Mark Welch Male Oxted Cycle Club
33 00:23:37 +00:02:29 32 00:23:58 Mike Walker Male Congleton CC – MyWindsock
34 00:23:38 +00:02:28 62 00:27:20 Helen Tudor Female Oswestry Paragon CC
35 00:23:39 +00:02:27 36 00:24:24 Simon Inman Male OVB
36 00:23:42 +00:02:24 75 00:30:36 Nev Ashman Male Manchester Bicycle Club
37 00:23:44 +00:02:22 62 00:27:20 Philip Brown Male Walsall Roads Cycling Club
38 00:24:08 +00:01:58 60 00:27:00 Phil Barnes Male SheHair Racing Team
39 00:24:09 +00:01:57 54 00:26:09 Nigel Briggs Male South Pennine RC
40 00:24:10 +00:01:56 80 00:35:44 Ron Hallam Male South Pennine RC
41 00:24:28 +00:01:38 72 00:29:44 Bob Awcock Male Born to Bike – Bridgtown Cycles
42 00:24:52 +00:01:14 53 00:25:53 John Orridge Male VTTA (London & Home Counties)
43 00:25:36 +00:00:30 74 00:30:05 William Renard Male Macclesfield Wheelers
44 00:25:48 +00:00:18 71 00:29:43 Pamela Moore Female Coalville Whs
45 00:26:27 -00:00:21 76 00:30:41 Roger Chappell Male API/Anglia Sport
46 00:26:37 -00:00:31 67 00:28:53 Adrian Osborn Male Stratford Cycling Club
47 00:26:46 -00:00:40 65 00:27:58 Andy Delaney Male Northumbria Police C.C.
48 00:26:47 -00:00:41 73 00:29:49 Vernon Schutte Male Farnborough & Camberley CC
49 00:27:18 -00:01:12 69 00:29:34 Stephen Cooke Male Walsall Roads Cycling Club
50 00:29:01 -00:02:55 68 00:29:27 Simon Davis Male VTTA (Midlands)
51 00:30:41 -00:04:35 81 00:38:03 Vic Trigger Male Crewe Clarion Wheelers
52 00:31:12 -00:05:06 78 00:34:14 Eamonn Sheridan Male Warwickshire Road Club
53 00:31:41 -00:05:35 78 00:34:14 Steven Robinson Male 1485 Tri Club
1 00:20:20 Leon Wright Male Pedal Power Loughborough
2 00:20:27 David Mead Male Team Lutterworth Cycle Centre
7 00:21:30 Paul Horton Male Wolverhampton Wheelers Cycling Club
9 00:21:37 Tony Greenhalgh Male Tactic Sport UK Race Team
10 00:21:53 Simon Romei Male Paramount CRT
16 00:22:08 Edward Rees Male University of Nottingham C C
18 00:22:14 Joe Rendall Male Congleton CC – MyWindsock
20 00:23:18 Isaac Russell Male Team PB Performance
22 00:23:21 Ian Foster Male Stafford RC
24 00:23:37 Mark Spruce Male Wolverhampton Wheelers Cycling Club
29 00:23:54 Chris Gration Male Belper BC
30 00:23:55 Paul Russell Male WVTri
33 00:23:59 Chester Romei Male Paramount CRT
35 00:24:17 David Alexander Male Coalville Whs
44 00:25:04 Mark Morgan Male Coalville Whs
45 00:25:08 John Tracey Male Welland Valley CC
45 00:25:08 Alan Busuttil Male Matlock CC
47 00:25:10 Andrew Newey Male Ribble Valley C&RC
51 00:25:23 Gary Smith Male Stourbridge Velo
55 00:26:13 Larissa Alexander Female Coalville Whs
56 00:26:22 Andy Whitehead Male Seamons CC
59 00:26:56 Stewart Hyde Male Walsall Roads Cycling Club
64 00:27:44 Ceri Evans Male Stafford RC
70 00:29:42 Paul Taylor Male Stafford RC
DNS Alan Gay Male Vive Le Velo
DNS Lee Connolly Male Royal Sutton CC
DNS Rich Steels Male HUUB WattShop
DNS(A) Paul Westwood Male Brereton Whs
DNF Joseph Costello Male Legato Racing Team (LRT)
DNS(A) Sean Hunt Male Lincoln Wheelers CC
DNS(A) Keith Palmer Male Ilkeston Cycle Club
DNS Stuart McCormick Male VTTA (Yorkshire)
DNS(A) James Byatt Male Sherwood CC
DNS Will Trevor Male City RC (Hull)
DQ Peter Horton Male Team Bottrill
DQ Mark Franckel Male Royal Sutton CC
DNS Nick Hill Male Bristol Mile Monkeys
DNS Graham Neyt Male Rapha Cycling Club
DNS Steven Hazeldine Male Stone Wheelers CC
DNS(A) Garry Shuker Male Walsall Roads Cycling Club
DNS Les Boughey Male North Shropshire Wheelers
DNS Tony Perrin Male Stone Wheelers CC
DNS(A) John King Male Janus Road Club
DNS Emma Bexson Female Stratford Cycling Club
DNS(A) Debbie Bradley Female Peddlamaniacs Cycle Club
DNF Grant Bigham Male HUUB WattShop
8 00:21:32 Mark Lovatt Male Congleton CC – MyWindsock
21 00:23:19 Kevin Satterthwaite Male Gorilla Coffee Cycling Club
28 00:23:51 James Veitch Male Coalville Whs
66 00:28:46 Steve Price Male VC Sevale (Malvern)
DNS(A) Abdel Kader Allouni Male Pocomotion Road Club


A few more opportunities this season

We still have several local TT events taking place in August and September around Stafford and there is no better way to test your current fitness than against the clock.

The ‘Race of Truth’ is the ultimate challenge, but its not just simply an all out effort from the start.  You have to pace your effort, starting off steady then lifting your effort gradually so you arrive at the finish with your legs empty.

For those who want to know their Functional Threshold Power (FTP) at the end of the season then a 25 mile TT will do just that, and far more motivational than testing solo or indoors on a turbo.

Here are Stafford Road Club remaining events and below a link to all the Midlands club events.  For club events there is no need to pre enter.

wed 30/08/2023 18:45 Stafford Road Club K7/5w 5.00 Miles
Sun 03/09/2023 08:00 Stafford Road Club K7/25 25 Miles
Sun 03/09/2023 08:00 Stafford Road Club K7/50 50.00 Miles
Mon 01/01/2024 10:30 New Years Day Special Stafford Road Club K7/5 5.00 Miles

Here is a link to all the club events still to take place in the Midlands Cycling Time Trials: District:


Sept 17th K48/10

For those of us who are also fighting off mother nature as we grow old and strive to go faster then on the 17th September I am hosting the Veteran Time Trial Association (VTTA) National 10 mile Championships on our local K48/10 course.  Here you will get to race alongside some of the fastest women and men in the country who refuse to grow old and slow down.

I have set the entry field to 150 riders to ensure that there are places available for everyone of any age, and not just VTTA members. So if you fancy riding here is the entry LINK  (riders must pre-enter this event and the closing date is midnight on the 5th Sept).

If you do not fancy riding but would like to come along and support me hosting the event and see up close just how fast some people can go, then please get in touch via as all support would be gratefully appreciated.

For anyone who is not familiar with the VTTA it was set up to allow cyclists from the age of 40, of either gender, to race on an equal basis using an Age Adjusted Time (handicap system).  As we age we can not hope to match the times produced by many of the younger riders but the VTTA moto “Competitive Cycling For Life” and the use of Age Adjusted Times provides us all with the opportunity to enjoy racing against the clock, with no age limitations.


So from everyone at Stafford Road Club we hope you have a fabulous end to the 2023 season and you are able to join us on one or all of the above events

Stay Safe, Stay Fit, Stay on Your Bike


Alastair Semple

Summer BBQ Saturday 22nd July – everyone welcome !

Stafford Road Club Summer BBQ

Sat 22nd July everyone welcome


There will be at least 3 road rides on offer in the morning – easy, mid and hard (starting approx. 9am) – so everyone, come and join us, whether you’re a road rider or not. Adult or not. Member or not. What better time to try new things and meet new people.

The rides will be followed by a nourishing BBQ and maybe even one free drink per rider, courtesy of our generous Treasurer (the more we flatter him, the looser those purse strings get).

What better way to spend a Saturday than riding with friends in beautiful countryside, followed by bike chat with a burger and drink, whilst hearing the sound of leather on willow in the distance. It’s a family event, so bring them along to join in the fun.

To help us plan the event and food requirements please can you contact Don to confirm how many of you will be attending 

Look forward ot seeing you there for food at 1pm and perhaps a ride too earlier in the day

Good luck to everyone taking part in the Ironman70.3 Staffordshire tomorrow

Lead out by Stafford Road Club

Runners will be lead out by our very own Chairman Craig Mackenzie and ride leader Paul Rowlands who will be pacing the front runners around the 2.5laps of 13.1 miles


Course – IRONMAN 70.3 Staffordshire

Reg Pearce Memorial Trophy 2023 winner

Reg Pearce Memorial TT 20 May 2023  

This year’s Open 10 mile time trial event saw 5 Stafford Rd club riders take part in a field of 67.  On the day we had five events taking place with tandems, women’s road bike and time trial competitions and men’s road bike and time trials events.  The conditions on the day were excellent, warm sunny and with a light cross headwind on the riders return leg.  The K48/10 course that runs from just west of Weston Village along the A51 to Stone and back has a couple of aggressive little climbs near Sandon, of which many of the riders who did not know the course found a little challenging to pace correctly.

For our riders it was the Reg Pearce Memorial trophy that was up for grabs, and this would be awarded to the fastest rider based on a handicap system based on the riders age.

Talking to Richard Farrow in the Headquarter before hand this was going to be a whole new experience for him, being new to TT events.  Hopefully like so many of us he will get the bug and be back to challenge himself again, against the clock in the ‘Race of Truth’

This year Ian Foster was both the fastest club rider on actual time, finishing in 23:24 and won the trophy with a handicap time of 21:01.

Stafford Road Club Riders Full results

  1.   Ian Foster 21:01 – 64mph
  2.   Roger Morris 23:24 – 565mph
  3.   Ceri Evans 25:16 – 8mph
  4. Richard Farrow 26:25 – 7 mph
  5. Richard Knowles 29:09 – 19  mph


Photos supplied by Jim Carter, a great shot of Ian at the bottom, his face said it all!



Below are the results from the overall event showing the fastest in each category

Fastest Overall Results

Fastest Vet Women TT Women RB Men TT Men RB
J Costello 21:50

27.48 mph

S Semple 24:21

24.64 mph

S Carter 36:11


G Bigham 20:17

29.51 mph

N Giles 23:31 25.51mph


I had lots of positive feedback in the HQ and via emails from the riders after the event to say thank you to Stafford RC and praise us on how well the event was marshalled, and how much they had enjoyed taking part in our race again this year.  So a very big thank you to the following club members and  their family members who came out to help me run this event.  Ian Brant, Nick Dickens, Don Vas, Craig McKenzie, Andy Bollen, John Cooke, Brian Hall, Christine Barber, Bill Lockwood, Fran and Paul Taylor, Fraser Nutton, James Haddon and Linda Morris.

We do not run these open TT events to generate profits and instead try to give most of the money generated back in prizes.  This year we awarded £285 in prizes to riders, and after costs for hall hire, gifts for my marshals, timekeepers fees and refreshments we made a small profit of £76 which will go back into the club to help funds.

There are sill lots of other club TT events this year for you to come out and test yourself against the clock.  You do not need a fancy bike, just a little enthusiasm and off you go in the Race of Truth.   Entry fee is £3/rider.

Wed 21/06/2023 19:00 K7/15 15.00 Miles
Wed 05/07/2023 18:45 K7/21 21.00 Miles
Wed 19/07/2023 18:45 K7/21 21.00 Miles
Wed 02/08/2023 18:45 K7/9 9.00 Miles
Wed 09/08/2023 19:00 K7/9 9.00 Miles
Sun 30/08/2023 18:45 K7/5w 5.00 Miles
Sun 03/09/2023 08:00 K7/25 25 Miles
Sun 03/09/2023 08:00 K7/50 50.00 Miles
Mon 01/01/2024 10:30 K7/5 5.00 Miles







Stafford RC events 2023

Stafford Road Club hosts a number of events each year for its members and cyclists alike. Each of these events take a lot of planning and help from its members and friends to host the events safely each time.

As part of our membership we are all expected to make ourselves available for at least 1 events each year.

To ensure we have enough helpers available at each event we use the table below which is available on the website ( under the  Join Us tab across the top) to lists the time, date, number of helpers and a rough attendance period required by the helpers.

Please take a look at the table below to see what dates you can make yourself available for and then email to advise which events you can support and we will update the list.  The next big key event is my own on the 20th May where I need at least 10 helpers 😊

Do not worry if you have never helped out before, all the roles are very straight forward and the event organiser will be in touch ahead of the event to confirm your job role and provide any further information.

Thanks in advance for your help and I look forward to meeting up with a few of you at one or two of these events

Stay Safe, Stay Fast, Stay Fit


Date Time Distance Course No. of Vols Att. Period Names of Volunteers
Wednesday 19:00 10 miles K48/10 2 18:15 – 20:15 Alastair
Saturday 14:00 Reg Pearce Memorial Open Time Trial K48/10 10 1:40 – 3:30 Alastair
Wednesday 19:00 10 miles K48/10 2 18:30 – 20:15  Steve Pilling
Wednesday 19:00 5 miles K7/5 3 18:30 – 20:00
Wednesday 18:45 15 miles K7/15 2 18:30 – 20:00
Wednesday 18:45 21 miles K7/21 2 18:15 – 20:30
Wednesday 18:45 21 miles K7/21 2 18:15 – 20:30
 Saturday Summer    
 22/07/2023 BBQ    
Wednesday 18:45 9 miles K7/9 3 18:15 – 20:00
Wednesday 18:45 9 miles K7/9 3 18:15 – 20:00
Wednesday 18:45 5 miles K7/5w 3 18:00 – 19:45
Sunday 08:00 25 miles K7/25 2 07:30 – 10:45
Sunday 08:00 50 miles K7/50 2 07:30 – 10:45
 Friday Christmas    
 01/12/2023 Party    
Monday 10:30 5 miles K7/5 3 10:00 – 11:30 Alastair

Entries close tomorrow at midnight for K48/10 on 20th May

Reg Pearce Memorial 16km TT

Entries close at midnight on Tuesday 9 May.  52 entries so far across all 5 envents.

So if you have not already get your entries in today, links below : )

There are sperate races for road bikes, TT and Tandems plus sperate categorises for men and women, so plenty of prizes on offer in each category.  We are also pleased to be part of the Midland Women’s TT Series once again this year.


There will be 5 separate competitions with prizes awarded for each.

1 -Women and Juniors on time trial bikes – Enter Here

2 -Women and Juniors on road bikes – Enter Here

3 – Men on Time Trail Bikes – Enter Here

4 – Men on Road Bikes – Enter Here

5 – Tandem event – Enter Here

Entry fee is £14 per rider and refreshments and results will be available in the HQ afterwards.

The Reg Pearce Memorial 16km TT which will take place on the K48/10 course from Weston to Stone and back.  This is the same course that will be hosting the National VTTA Championships on 17th September 2023.

Entry rules for road bike competitors

  • The road bike can possess drop or straight handlebars
  • No tri-bars, clip-on bars or Spinacci bars are allowed
  • No disc wheels
  • Both front & rear wheels must have at least 12 spokes each
  • The maximum rim depth allowed is 90mm
  • Helmet must not cover your ears, no fixed visor on helmet.
  • There are no restrictions on riders wearing Over shoes, calf guards or skinsuits.

Race HQ

Weston Hall ST18 0JQ which will be open from 12:45

We look forward to receiving your entries and seeing you on Saturday 20th May for another spectacular event.

Prizes categories for fastest in each event and for VTTA members in the TT events based on Age Adjusted Times, details of VTTA link


You can see what the conditions and likely times will be by selecting MyWindSock and here the team have predicted likely times for riders based on the course profile and weather, available from the Wednesday via Spindata before the event.

2023 local Club Time Trials near Stafford

Local Time Trails 2023 near Stafford

Here is a calendar of local TT events on courses close to Stafford.

Entry fees and start times can be confirmed by logging onto each of the clubs social media pages Links below


Wolves Racing CC

Wolves Wheelers

Stafford Road Club

Bridgenorth CC

Stone Wheelers

Watt Shop