2022 Reg Pearce Memorial Trophy Competition

Every year in memory of our dear friend Reg Pearce a trophy is awarded to the fastest Stafford Road Club member in our Open 10 mile Time Trial based on handicap times.

Reg loved to use handicaps as it ‘levelled the playing field’ he said, giving everyone of any age or gender an equal chance of winning.

This year saw 9 riders competing for the coveted trophy and for the second year running Susan Semple was the fastest using the handicap system, second place went to Roger Morris and 3rd place to Dave Smith who was the fastest rider on the day based on the actual finishing times.


Position Name Gender Age Actual Handicap Results
1 Susan Semple Female 56 00:25:09 00:04:59 00:20:10
2 Roger Morris Male 74 00:30:14 00:06:53 00:23:21
3 Dave Smith Male 36 00:24:30 00:00:25 00:24:05
4 Ceri Evans Male 53 00:27:21 00:02:07 00:25:14
5 Ian Durber Male 51 00:28:32 00:01:51 00:26:41
6 Paula Blackburn Female 56 00:32:53 00:04:59 00:27:54
7 Sarah Brookes Female 44 00:31:32 00:03:33 00:27:59
8 Mark Richards Male 45 00:29:16 00:01:11 00:28:05
9 Richard Knowles Male 52 00:30:34 00:01:59 00:28:35
10 Peter Williams Male Apologies DNS

Hopefully we will see more of our riders entering the club times trials this year in preparation to challenge for this trophy in 2023.

Full details of the trophy and handicapping system used can be seen on the Reg Pearce Trophy page via the Racing tab on Stafford Road Club website LINK

Stafford Road Club K48/10 Results and Prize Winners 2022

Reg Pearce Memorial Race


Thank you all for taking part in the Reg Pearce Memorial race and we hope you had a good ride and enjoyed the course and atmosphere in the HQ afterward.

There were some exceptional performances in this year’s event held on a challenging 10 mile out and back course with a couple of punishing ascents and a grippy first and last 2 miles.  Conditions on the day were good but not perfect, mild and dry with a light south-westerly wind.

Emily Meakin (AWOL O’Shea Worx) was the first to ‘shine’ setting a new women’s course record with a time of 21:13. Then Ashley Cox (Team Botrill) set a new Men’s’ Open course record of 19:13.  Another performance of note, which there were many, was Callum Twelves (Team Ohten Aveas) who as a junior on restricted gears finished in a time of 20:54, 3rd fastest overall!   Kate Pilling (Ful-on Tri) in her first ever TT won the women’s road bike event and Tomas Mason(Brixton Cycles Club) who was a long way from home won the men’s RB event.  Tim Hood (Team Botrill) was fastest Vet and 4th overall fastest showing that age is no limiting factor.


Thanks to Roy Follows for sharing his photos from the day LINK

Prize winners this year are listed below (one prize per rider)

  Women & Juniors TT event Men TT event Women RB Men RB VTTA on Standard
1st Callum Twelves £20.00 Ashley Cox


Kate Pilling


Thomas Mason


Tim Hood


 2nd Emily Meakin £15.00 Grant Bingham


Steve Biddulph


Ian Guilor


 3rd Ian Holbrook


Joe Costello


A full list of results is shown below


1 Ashley Cox Men TT 00:19:13
2 Grant Bigham Men TT 00:20:07
3 Callum Twelves Junior TT 00:20:50
4 Tim Hood Men TT 00:21:04
5 Ian Guilor Men TT 00:21:09
6 Emily Meakin Women TT 00:21:13
7 Ian Holbrook Men TT 00:21:42
8 Thomas Mason Men RB 00:22:06
9 Joseph Costello Men TT 00:22:15
10 Steve Biddulph Men RB 00:22:28
11 Mark Bottrill Men TT 00:22:35
12 Isaac Russell Men TT 00:22:46
13 Dan Geisler Men TT 00:22:50
14 Kevin Garland Men TT 00:22:53
15 Frances Owen Women TT 00:23:05
16 Lauren Creamer Women TT 00:23:09
17 Andrew Askwith Men TT 00:23:25
18 Stuart Harris Men TT 00:23:46
19 Mark Wise Men RB 00:23:53
20 Richard Coleman Men TT 00:24:13
21 Steven Hazeldine Men TT 00:24:26
22 Dave Smith Men TT 00:24:30
23 Philip Brown Men TT 00:24:39
24 Russell Carter Men TT 00:24:43
25 Steve Cartlidge Men TT 00:25:08
26 Susan Semple Women TT 00:25:09
27 Garry Shuker Men TT 00:25:53
28 Mathew Mitchell Men TT 00:26:20
29 Chris Warner Men RB 00:26:24
30 Nigel Finch Men TT 00:26:56
31 Ceri Evans Men TT 00:27:21
32 Gary Smith Men RB 00:27:34
33 Bob Awcock Men TT 00:27:43
34 Pamela Moore Women TT 00:28:16
35 Ian Durber Men TT 00:28:32
36 Steve Price Men RB 00:28:38
37 Gillian Campbell Women TT 00:28:51
38 Kate Pilling Women RB 00:29:14
39 Mark Richards Men TT 00:29:26
40 Paul Jennings Men RB 00:29:48
41 Steven Robinson Men TT 00:29:58
42 Roger Morris Men TT 00:30:14
43 Richard Knowles Men RB 00:30:34
44 Carl Holdcroft Men RB 00:31:08
45 Sarah Brookes Women RB 00:31:32
46 Paula Blackburn Women RB 00:32:53
47 Chris Benton Men TT 00:44:44 10 min late start
David Barry Men TT App
Roger Chappell Men TT DNF
Tony Perrin Men TT DNS
Tim May Men TT DNF
Anthony Haycock Men RB App
Peter Williams Men RB App


Please also note that the Midland VTTA is hosting an open event on this course on Sat Sept 17th 2022 and we hope you will be able to join us for this TT also.


From everyone at Stafford Road Club we hope you have a great 2022 season


Stay safe, Stay fit, Stay fast 😊

A quality field of riders registered for the 2022 Reg Pearce Memorial Race

Here is a link to the official Time Trial Start Sheet  Stafford RC May 2022 Startsheet K48-10

Local Club TT’s start next week !

Yes on Tuesday the 19th April Brereton Wheelers are hosting a 5mile TT between Kings Bromley and Alawas.

Then from May onwards we have at least one local TT each week through till September, so something for everyone.

The Race of Truth – are you up for it?

Were pleased to be BACK – 2022 events are Here !

Yes this year Stafford Road Club will be hosting 9 club Time Trials and 1 Open Time Trial event.

Each of the club events will be run as ‘come and give it a go events’ so you can just turn up and ride.

Our Open Event ‘The Reg Pearce Memorial Race’ on Saturday 21st May is classified as an Open A event where riders will need to pre-enter before the closing date on the 10th May.

This year we are also trying to encourage more people to participate, so on club events road bikes will be given a time bonus over TT bikes and in the Open event there will be separate competitions for road bikes and TT bikes for men, women, juniors.


Dates are listed below with further details on our TT events page LINK


Wed 4th May K48/10 club event 19:00 start

Sat 21st May K48/10 Open event 14:00 start

Wed 25th May K48/10 club event 19:00 start

Wed 8th June K7/17 club event 19:00 start

Wed 22nd June K7/9 club event 18:45 start

Wed 29th June K7/21 club event 19:00 start

Wed 13th July K7/21 club event 19:00 start

Wed 24th Aug K7/5w club event 18:45 start

Sun 4th Sept K7/50 club event 8:00 start

Here is a link to the course maps

2021 National MTB XC Series – SRC gets on the Podium

Congratulations to Evie for getting 3rd place overall in the 2021 National MTB XC Series, which was held over 5 rounds, with it going down to the wire at the last event, in Tackaroo on Cannock Chase.

Congratulations also go to Mazie, who was the second representative of the club in the competition, who came 5th overall.

Road Bike TT event hosted by Stafford Road Club  

I am pleased to announce that starting in 2022 Stafford Road Club will now run a sperate road bike only event for women, juniors and men as part of the Reg Pearce Memorial Open TT event it hosts each year.  So keep the date free, Saturday 21st May 2022 – 2pm start. 


Event applications have now been submitted to CTT and pending confirmation we look forward to encouraging a greater number of riders next year on both road bikes as well as TT bikes.  Further details will be posted on the Stafford Road Club website in the New Year 

Have you entered yet? and if not why not?

Reg Pearce Memorial Race – 10 mile TT

We’re getting a good number of entries in now for the women’s and men’s time trial to be held on the 22nd of May. Closing date for entries is the 10th May so do not delay get your entry in today.

Here are the links to enter each event

Women’s, Juniors, Men’s and Tandem via the CTT website.

We will be awarding prizes for the fastest Women and Men on Scratch, fastest MWTTS rider, fastest junior and tan

dam and fastest woman and man on Vets Standard

Stafford Road Club is please also

to be part of the Midlands Women’s TT Series LINK  again this year and the women’s field will be set off first a 14:01 followed by the Juniors, Trike and Men’s races.

In support of the Veteran Time Trial Associate (VTTA) and to promote the use of age Standard times the results on the day will include the riders Standard time and overall position on Standard as well as scratch times.

So we hope you will come an join for another excellent, if long overdue, TT race hosted by Stafford Road Club.


To ensure I can still run my winter training classes in a safe environment for the riders I will this year be running these through the Zwift VR cycling app .

The classes are free of charge, it’s just your own Zwift monthly subs (£12.99) that you need to pay.  I know there are quite a few of you out there who like me have started using Zwift during lock down and hopefully these classes will prove to be a nice variation and challenge for you this winter.

So starting on the 4th October 2020 on a Wednesday evening at 18:30 I will be hosting classes for Stafford Road Club members and any of our cycling friends who may wish to join us.

The training classes will be organised as a group ride where all the riders will stay together and follow the same training schedule based on your own personal levels, so we ride and complete the sessions together as a team.

To make things more sociable we will also use the free Discord phone app so we can use this to talk to each other while riding.

These Zwift group rides we have run this year have proved really successful and the software is very simple to get to grips with.  So please let me know if you are interested in taking part by emailing me at ascoaching@outlook.com.  You are welcome to join the classes at any point this winter so do not worry if you miss the start on 4th Nov.  If you need any more info again please get in touch.