This weekend race roundup

Well its time to batten down the hatches and add ballast to your bikes to prevent them from getting blown off the road looking at this weekends forecast!


There are no TLI road races scheduled this weekend but SRC riders are entered in 3 open time trials. On Saturday April Lewis, Sue Smith and Melvyn Lewis are heading south to Alcester to ride the Stratford CC 10 on one of the K33 course and at the same time a little further north in Derbyshire Annis Moore, Susan Semple and Mathew Moore are all entered into the A25/11. Then on Sunday Alastair will be up early to ride the F1/50 in Cambridgeshire with a 6:45 start time.


So hopefully these event will still take place but understandable given the conditions riders may chose not to as the only speed records broken this weekend I feel will be for wind speed. So time to put your feet up and watch the Giro or possibly the women’s Tour of Britain



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