2015-03-29 K7/21 TT results

Thanks to the helpers Paul Chris Kevin and Don on a miserable morning.

Also thanks to the 3 riders that were encouraged to enter the event.

Considering the weather the results were very good. Hats off to the three of them. When they got going they were glad they had started.

Stafford RC Time trial results
Sunday 29th March 2015
Distance 21 Miles
Course K7/21
Club colour key

Stafford RC
Walsall Roads Cycling Club
Brereton Wheelers
Rapid Racer Products
Wolverhampton RCC
Wolverhampton Wheelers CC

Mens Times
Club Points Position By Name Results By
Time H’cap Time Speed% Hcap Time Speed% H’cap
50.0 50.0 1 1 1 Melvyn Lewis 1:02:10 81.3 0:51:13
33.3 16.7 2 3 Phil Hogan 1:06:15 0:54:30
3 2 2 Stephen Cooke 1:08:36 73.4 0:52:22

Local Events
Colour key
Womans series
Open events
Stafford RC events
Date Club Course Time Dist notes
Sat 04 Apr VTTA (Midlands) K11/10T 14:00 10
Sun 05 Apr Stafford RC K7/25 08:30 25 Dunston (Sign on in layby on A449)
Sun 05 Apr Brereton Wheelers K49/10 10:00 10 Hilly 10. Signing-on in layby at start
Tue 07 Apr Lichfield City CC K17/5F 18:30 5 ‘Flat
Wed 08 Apr Stafford RC K7/5 18:30 5 pottal Pool (Sign on at Start on A34 )
Tue 14 Apr Walsall Roads Cycling Club K7/5 18:30 5 ‘Pottal Pool
Thu 16 Apr VTTA (Midlands) K47/16 14:00 16
Tue 21 Apr Lichfield City CC K17/5W 18:45 5 ‘Hilly
Tue 21 Apr Walsall Roads Cycling Club K48/10 19:00 10 ‘Weston
Tue 28 Apr Brereton Wheelers K17/5F 19:00 5 Sign-on at start
2 replies
  1. Phil Hogan
    Phil Hogan says:

    A massive thank you to all the helpers for their help today and for their cheering around the courses.

    A great ride by Melvyn today in less than ideal conditions. The weather cannot get any worse than that……..or can it?

    • Melvyn
      Melvyn says:

      Thanks Phil without you turning up I don’t think I would have raced, definitely not nice but gratifying once completed.

      A great thanks to Paul, Don, Kevin, Chris and Stephen Cooke (Walsall RC).

      Yes the weather will get better !!!! IT WILL…..

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