Women’s Time Trialling for Novices – My First Year


Say hi to Hannah Randall​, who joined the club at the end of last year and has written a blog post on her experiences during her first season of time trialing.

The first club time trial by Hannah Randall

My first time trial took place on a cold and murky New Year’s Day 2018. It was the K7/5 between Stafford and Cannock that promised to be ‘downhill overall’ – there’s a lot of this in time trialling. A course promises to be downhill, but it’s invariably the most uphill way to get downhill!

A splash of tinsel on the road bike and some basic clip-on TT bars set me up for my first time trialling experience. I managed to catch my minute-man (riders start one minute apart) but I can honestly say that was the hardest I’d worked on a bike up to that point.

Well done Hannah from everyone in the club, and keep it up!

You can read more of the the original article here http://www.procyclinguk.com/women-time-trialling-novice/

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