Volunteer Information for The Charlie Betteley Road Race

The information below will hopefully explain what is involved and answer any questions you may have regarding volunteers for the Charlie Betteley Road Race.

Approximately 28 volunteers are required to run the event.


There are many different volunteer roles required to run the event, as below:

HQ Sign On – Check rider race license, sign them on, take payment, hand out their race number.
HQ Refreshments – Organise the refreshments in the kitchen before and after the race.
Corner Marshall – Each of the 4 corners on the course require muliple marshalls to assist with warning motorists as riders approach the junctions.
Support Vehicles – There are multiple races taking part within the event and lead cars are required for each, plus a first aid car.
Finish Line Recorders – The finishing order of each race needs to be recorded at the finish (usually top 10).

Race Headquarters

Cotes Heath Village Hall
Station Road
Cotes Heath
ST21 6RU


Can all volunteers please report to the Race HQ by 9am except for those with HQ roles who are required by 8:30am


The marshall briefing will take place at 9:15am where volunteers will be allocated their roles (if not already done), and the duties explained.

Corner marshalls will be given flags and marshall jackets which must be warn at all times when out on the course. Each T-junction should have one marshall on the corner with a whistle, one marshall up the road on which the riders will be joining (if clear the riders will take the corner across the full width of the road) and one down the road. The marshall with the whistle can signal to those up and down the road when the riders are approaching.  Roundabouts will require a marshall on each exit that the riders would need to give way to.
Marshalls are not permitted to stop traffic but are asked to do their best to warn traffic that the riders will be approaching the junctions at speed, and politely ask the drivers to wait a few seconds until the junction is clear. If they do not want to stop then you must allow them through. Do not get into any arguments with drivers – if there is a problem refer them to the race organiser.
Motorcycle outriders are also used to assist in slowing and potentially stopping vehicles at the junctions.

Finish line recorders must be at the finish line to record the finish order of each race. Multiple volunteers are required to carry out the same job here as it is difficult to spot and record the numbers when large numbers of riders sprinting for the line finish at the same time. It is common to have some calling out the numbers, some with notepads and some with phones to video the finish.

Once the races have finished everyone meets up at the HQ where refreshments will be available and rider prizes will be awarded.


Below is the map showing the course and the different marshall positions: