Paul Bullock

My first proper bike back when I was a kid was a Raleigh Olympus road bike which I used to go everywhere on.

When my family moved close to Cannock Chase as a youngster I started riding on there and changed the tyres for wider ones and changed the drops for cow horn handlebars. With it being a road bike it wasn’t meant for this type of abuse and as a result I was always having to repair it.

When I hit late teens I changed to motorbikes which ended up in myself getting interested in motocross and taking it up competitively at times. I just loved the off road riding the mud and the skill needed to ride gnarly terrain.

Many years later I returned to bikes and mud when I decided to change my life around and get a bit fitter by buying a basic mountain bike and riding around  Cannock Chase and taking some skills courses.

This basic bike needlessly to say didn’t last very long with the punishment I gave it so I purchased a better one and also went on a British Cycling course to become a Sky ride leader which I enjoyed immensely.

These days I now take part in Mountain Bike Marathons all over the UK and regularly travel to dedicated bike parks to ride man made and natural trails.

I am a fully certified British Cycling cycle and MTB coach

I have also been running social and instructive skills rides around and on Cannock Chase, The Wrekin, and the Long Mynd and Derbyshire for the last 3 years.

I also Marshal British Cycling National’s and local Mountain Bike cross country events and Mountain Bike Enduro events.

I look forward to coaching with SRC and helping to develop there skills and ability’s.


Nick Mason

I’ve always ridden bikes, whether it be messing around with friends as a kid, or commuting to jobs. However I took up mountain biking more seriously in my 30’s. This saw me searching out local single-track and riding in many of the best places in England and Wales, eventually leading to a number of trips to the Alps. I have a particular love of single speed mountain biking. This presents a different challenge to riding bikes with lots of gears, but is really good fun. I also enjoy riding with my family, but it does mean our garage is on the full side with all of the bikes!

We found out about the Go-Ride coaching sessions through word of mouth and it soon became my son’s favourite club. As such I volunteered to become one of the coaches and am finding the coaching sessions very rewarding. It’s great to see the children becoming more confident as the weeks progress.

Terence Allen

I have recently passed my Level 1 Coaching (2018) and taken the plunge into the world of cycle coaching with Stafford Road Clubs Go-Ride scheme. I look forward to getting stuck in and teaching at the sessions.

I also volunteer leading rides both on and off road for the South Staffordshire Cycling Scheme (Road) and Inspired Cannock Chase (Trails) which are both schemes run by the relevant councils with the aim of getting people into / back into cycling.

The off road is run every Saturday afternoon over Cannock Chase, using the fire roads and usually covers around anything up to 20 miles, depending who turns up.

For the roads, I lead a couple of Sunday rides from Brewood and Cheslyn Hay and help with a ride from Penkridge on my every other Friday day off, with these covering anything from 10 to 25 miles.

I have gone on a bit, but don’t worry I’m not like that in real life!! Honest


Carl Lewis

I have been involved with bikes, on and off all my life. When I was young, I used to build bikes from any second hand or salvaged bikes I could get my hands on. I would take these and ride off road in a disused quarry or in the woods by where I lived. I also built a tandem from scrap bikes for a school project, with a school mate, which got in to the local paper.

Throughout the years, I loved going out for an occasional bike ride.

One day I decided to buy a mountain bike and move on to more advanced outings. I got the bug for riding over Cannock Chase. I explore the chase trails and Fire Roads all over whenever I have spare time, also with groups and friends.

When the opportunity arose to join SRC Go-Ride Cycle Skills and MTB Coaching to become a Level 1 Coach, I jumped at the chance. It’s great to see the youngsters progressing with biking skills, in what I enjoyed many years ago and still do today.


Steve Anthony

I’ve loved mountain biking for as long as I can remember. I love the freedom and adventure that mountain biking offers along with the chance to explore the countryside.

My journey into coaching began when I saw how much progression my children made with SRC Go-Ride. Not only the technical aspect but more importantly the health and wellbeing benefits within this sport and the friendships made within the club. This why I decided to get into coaching.