Wednesday 26th July K7/5w Rider Info

Wednesday 26th July K7/5w from Woodseaves : important information.

The website previously stated the start time as 6:30 however, it has been changed to 7:00 to allow more time for riders to get to the start.

We are unable to use the car park at Great Bridgeford as there is another event in the hall so please do not park there or at the layby 2 corners after the finish. The layby is for signing on and for the volunteers to park at. Please park locally and ride to the sign-in, which is from 6:15 to 6:45.

Remember it takes 15-20 mins to ride to the start.

Due to the danger in trying to turn right across the traffic after your race please ride past the layby and turn round further down where visibility is better to ride back to hand your number in. If we have enough volunteers we might place someone at the hall entrance to collect numbers. Please do not ride to the finish marshals to collect your time either, results will be available via Don’s Google drive link as usual later and most of you have Garmin timers anyway.

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