Reg Pearce Memorial

On Saturday the 20th May 2023 Stafford Road Club will be hosting the Reg Pearce Memorial which will take place on the K48/10 course from Weston to Stone and back.


Time Trail – Road Bike and Tandem Events

There will be 5 separate competitions with prizes awarded for each.

1 -Women and Juniors on time trial bikes – Enter Here

2 -Women and Juniors on road bikes – Enter Here

3 – Men on Time Trail Bikes – Enter Here

4 – Men on Road Bikes – Enter Here

5 – Tandem event – Enter Here

Entry fee is £14 per rider and refreshments and results will be available in the HQ afterwards.


Entry rules for road bike competitors

  • The road bike can possess drop or straight handlebars
  • No tri-bars, clip-on bars or Spinacci bars are allowed
  • No disc wheels
  • Both front & rear wheels must have at least 12 spokes each
  • The maximum rim depth allowed is 90mm
  • Helmet must not cover your ears, no fixed visor on helmet.
  • There are no restrictions on riders wearing Over shoes, calf guards or skinsuits.

Race HQ

Weston Village Hall ST18 0JQ which will be open from 12:45

We look forward to receiving your entries and seeing you on Saturday 20th May for another spectacular event.

Prizes categories for fastest in each event and for VTTA members in the TT events based on Age Adjusted Times, details of VTTA link

You can see what the conditions and likely times will be by selecting MyWindSock and here the team have predicted likely times for riders based on the course profile and weather, available from the Wednesday before the event.