Volunteer Roles and Duties at Club TT Events

There are numerous roles and duties required to run club time trial events as explained below.  In general all volunteers meet at the start point approximately 30 minutes before the start time where roles are agreed, before those that are to be at the finish head off with the completed finishing sheet and sync’d timer.

Signing On – This is not a separate role and can be done by one or more of the volunteers assigned to the roles below.  They must sign on the riders taking part, take entry payment, hand out rider numbers, and fill out the finishing sheet.

Start Timer – At the start (with Pusher below).  Rider number 1 will start at 1 minute past the start time.  Each subsequent rider starts at 1 minute intervals thereafter.  Using the stopwatch call out the time intervals for the rider to get ready – starting at 30 seconds, then again at 10 seconds and finally count down each second from 5 to GO.

Pusher Off – At the start (with Timer above).  Riders are to be held up in their start position from 30 seconds before they start, allowing them to clip in, and steadily release them as they go.

Time Caller – At the finish line (with the Recorder below).  Press the lap button on the electronic timer to record each rider’s finishing time (this is also printed out), call out the rider’s number, and then pass this onto the Recorder when free to do so in between riders finishing.

Time Recorder – At the finish line (with the Caller above).  On the finishing sheet record the finishing time and number of each rider as they finish.  When there is free time to do so, calculate each rider’s actual ride time (finishing time minus their number in minutes).  The most important part is recording the number and finishing time of each rider, the calculations can wait until after the event has finished if necessary.

Spotter – At the finish line.  If there are any spare volunteers then it can be useful to have someone else at the finish noting the rider’s numbers as they pass, as it can occasionally get tricky if there are numerous riders finishing at the same time.

Depending on the course (some have the start and finish at the same place) the same person can do one of the start line roles and one of the finish line roles.

If neither Don Picken nor Paul Taylor are there at the end to take the start and finishing sheets then could someone please take a photo of the two sheets and then email them to timetrials@staffordrc.org


For anyone who hasn’t helped out before, or has not done a particular role before, I’d suggest coming along to an event first to see it in action and find out what the roles are like first hand.

We will do our best not to put any pressure on anyone if they are not comfortable doing a particular role, and if numbers allow, have a more experienced ‘buddy’ alongside to help you out.

Most roles are very simple and do not require lots of previous experience.

Please remember these are club events, not national championships, so if you do your best and mistakes happen it’s not the end of the world.  Riders are fully aware without volunteers the events cannot take place anyway.

Timing Explained

Each rider sets off in order at 1 minute intervals.  The time they cross the finish line is recorded and then their actual ride time is calculated by subtracting their start number from their finishing time.  An example of the rough procedure is as follows:

The stopwatch and electronic timer (which includes a printer) are started in sync at the event start time, e.g. 7pm

  • Rider number 1 starts at 1 minute on the stopwatch (7:01)
  • Rider number 2 starts at 2 minutes on the stopwatch (7:02)

Each time a rider finishes the lap button is pressed on the timer, which then prints an elapsed time from when the clock was started.  This finishing time is recorded along with the rider number on the finishing sheet.

  • Rider 1 finishes with an elapsed time of 12:23
  • Rider 2 finishes with an elapsed time of 13:15

Each rider’s number is then subtracted from their elapsed finishing time to give their final ride time.

  • Rider 1 final time is 11:23 (12:23 minus 1 minute)
  • Rider 2 final time is 11:15 (13:15 minus 2 minutes)


The start time is only a rough guide, the important thing is that the two timers are started in sync.  Then the first rider must start at 1 minute on the stopwatch.