Thursday – Turbo Sessions (October – March)

Turbo classes start on Thursday 20 October 2016 and will run each week through till the end of March 2017.

The turbo classes are designed to suit both men and women and riders of all abilities. So if its simply to help you keep fit, loose a few pounds or the social side, then these Thursday night training session will suit you down to the ground.

The classes will follow a structured programme that will focus on specific training phases that will change every 4 weeks to help us all build our strength on the bike over the winter. But do not worry if you cannot make all of the classes or want to start mid way through. The classes can be tailored to each individuals needs. The most important thing is that we all get some more time on the bike away from cold dark roads and have fun doing it.

The classes this year have been kindly subsidised through the money generated through the Stafford RC time trial and the cost too our members is a one off fee of just £20.  Cost for non-members is a one off payment of £30/person (this is to cover the cost of hiring the room).

The classes are ideal for helping you develop your fitness, strength and stamina and ensure that when you’re out on your usual weekend rides you have not lost the fitness you gained the week before.  Remember fitness gains only last up to 4 days so it is essential that you train once or twice mid-week if you want to be able to improve.  The classes are suitable for all abilities and I can help tailor each weeks work outs to your own specific requirements.  Over the last 5 years we have attracted a wide range of members (both male and female) who have used the classes to simply improve their fitness, develop their speed or for some, just enjoy the social side of getting together once a week with club mates for a short work out which is usual followed by a drink at the bar.

Please contact me via to book your place or call 07914 756 796 if you would like any more info

What do you need and what’s involved?


Bike      (needs to have a cleanish chain so that no oily streak’s left on the floor)

Turbo or rollers

Water bottles x 2

Towel – protect your stem and bars from drops of sweat


Bike computer that works off back wheel sensors – important to measure your efforts/legs speed on a stationary bike

Fan – bigger the better to help keep you cool

Heart rate monitor – help gauge your effort on the bike

Power meter – very useful for measuring your effort, especially on short intervals

Classes will last 55 to 75 mins including warm up and warm down.

This year we will use a completely new set of training routines that will be structured to include base, tempo, threshold and muscle endurance training.

Each class begins with a good warm up to get the muscles moving before the structured session