Reg Pearce Memorial Trophy 2023 winner

Reg Pearce Memorial TT 20 May 2023  

This year’s Open 10 mile time trial event saw 5 Stafford Rd club riders take part in a field of 67.  On the day we had five events taking place with tandems, women’s road bike and time trial competitions and men’s road bike and time trials events.  The conditions on the day were excellent, warm sunny and with a light cross headwind on the riders return leg.  The K48/10 course that runs from just west of Weston Village along the A51 to Stone and back has a couple of aggressive little climbs near Sandon, of which many of the riders who did not know the course found a little challenging to pace correctly.

For our riders it was the Reg Pearce Memorial trophy that was up for grabs, and this would be awarded to the fastest rider based on a handicap system based on the riders age.

Talking to Richard Farrow in the Headquarter before hand this was going to be a whole new experience for him, being new to TT events.  Hopefully like so many of us he will get the bug and be back to challenge himself again, against the clock in the ‘Race of Truth’

This year Ian Foster was both the fastest club rider on actual time, finishing in 23:24 and won the trophy with a handicap time of 21:01.

Stafford Road Club Riders Full results

  1.   Ian Foster 21:01 – 64mph
  2.   Roger Morris 23:24 – 565mph
  3.   Ceri Evans 25:16 – 8mph
  4. Richard Farrow 26:25 – 7 mph
  5. Richard Knowles 29:09 – 19  mph


Photos supplied by Jim Carter, a great shot of Ian at the bottom, his face said it all!



Below are the results from the overall event showing the fastest in each category

Fastest Overall Results

Fastest Vet Women TT Women RB Men TT Men RB
J Costello 21:50

27.48 mph

S Semple 24:21

24.64 mph

S Carter 36:11


G Bigham 20:17

29.51 mph

N Giles 23:31 25.51mph


I had lots of positive feedback in the HQ and via emails from the riders after the event to say thank you to Stafford RC and praise us on how well the event was marshalled, and how much they had enjoyed taking part in our race again this year.  So a very big thank you to the following club members and  their family members who came out to help me run this event.  Ian Brant, Nick Dickens, Don Vas, Craig McKenzie, Andy Bollen, John Cooke, Brian Hall, Christine Barber, Bill Lockwood, Fran and Paul Taylor, Fraser Nutton, James Haddon and Linda Morris.

We do not run these open TT events to generate profits and instead try to give most of the money generated back in prizes.  This year we awarded £285 in prizes to riders, and after costs for hall hire, gifts for my marshals, timekeepers fees and refreshments we made a small profit of £76 which will go back into the club to help funds.

There are sill lots of other club TT events this year for you to come out and test yourself against the clock.  You do not need a fancy bike, just a little enthusiasm and off you go in the Race of Truth.   Entry fee is £3/rider.

Wed 21/06/2023 19:00 K7/15 15.00 Miles
Wed 05/07/2023 18:45 K7/21 21.00 Miles
Wed 19/07/2023 18:45 K7/21 21.00 Miles
Wed 02/08/2023 18:45 K7/9 9.00 Miles
Wed 09/08/2023 19:00 K7/9 9.00 Miles
Sun 30/08/2023 18:45 K7/5w 5.00 Miles
Sun 03/09/2023 08:00 K7/25 25 Miles
Sun 03/09/2023 08:00 K7/50 50.00 Miles
Mon 01/01/2024 10:30 K7/5 5.00 Miles







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