Club Kit

Stafford Road Club kit is ordered usually twice a year for delivery in Spring/ summer season and autumn / winter. Club tops (polo and sweat shirts) are available all year round.

An email will be sent out to all members with up to date details of club kit available and asking for your specific requirements.  Due to the cost of clothing and the variety of items and sizes available, the club does not hold kit in stock and the orders placed are to meet specific request from members.  So please plan ahead to ensure you have the appropriate items of clothing you may require for the next 6 months.

Details of club kit and latest prices are shown below (prices are subject to change and you will be notified of the current prices before orders are placed).

The new and exclusive Stafford Road Club kit design is shown below

Prices for the Bioracer Kit are shown to the right. The short list are items recommended by Bioracer and those that are ordered frequently. When ordering please ensure you specify the item code, item description, design (club or race), size. For women specific items please ensure you highlight when sending in your order as item codes differ (please see full price list). Please email order to All costs are subject to VAT.

Ade Robinson has managed to source a supplier for polo shirts, sweat shirt and T Shirts with the Stafford Road Club Logo embroidered on them.


These casual  tops are available in mens and womens specific fit and cost £10 for a polo top, £12.50 for a sweatshirt and £6.50 for a T Shirt.

The women’s top come in the following colour options, white, black, deep navy, fuchsia, light pink, red and sky blue.  Sizes (dress size)  xs (8) S (10) M (12) L (14) XL (16) XXL (18)

The men’s tops come in the following colour options, white, black, bottle green, navy, red, sunflower, burgundy, light blue, emerald, spot grey, purple, orange, charcoal, convoy grey.

If you would like to order a top please send details of which type of top you want, colour and size to and title your message Club Tops Order.