Stafford Road Club hosts dozens of events each years for its members and cyclists alike.  Each of these events take a lot of planning and help from its members and friends to host the events safely each time.

As part of our membership we are expected to make ourselves available for at least 2 events each year.

To ensure we have enough helpers available at each event we use a table each year that lists the time, date, number of helpers and the various job roles.

Please take a look at the table below to see what dates you can make yourself available for and then email to advise which events you can support and we will update the list. For further information on each event please visit the Rides & Event Page.

To see what is expected of volunteers with regards to safeguarding and protection of children, please take the time to read and understand the club’s policy as guided by British Cycling – HERE

Date Time Distance Course No. of Vols Names of Volunteers
5-Mar Reliability Ride 5/5  Linda Morris, Rob Tracey, Michael Tracey, Chris Bresson, Mark Guest
12-Mar 10:00 23.00 Miles K48/23 3/3  Kevin Breeze, James Hadden, Mark Richards, Christine Bresson
19-Mar 10:00 23.00 Miles K48/23 3/3  Kevin Breeze, James Hadden, Mark Richards
26-Mar 8:00 50.00 Miles K7/50 2/2  James Hadden, Don Picken
2-Apr 8:30 25.00 Miles K7/25 2/2  Andy Bollen, Mark Richards, Don Picken
5-Apr 18:30 5.00 Miles K7/5 4/4  Andy Bollen, James Hadden, Mark Allen, Christine Bresson
15-Apr 14:00 10.00 Miles K48/10 5
26-Apr 19:00 10.00 Miles K48/10 3/4  Sue Semple, Ceri Evans, Andy Bollen
3-May 19:00 10.00 Miles k48/10 3/4  Melvyn Lewis, Adrian Tasker, Andy Bollen
6-May 14:00 Open TT A10/19 7/7 Chris Hassall, Alastair & Sue Semple, Nick Dickens, Xine Bresson, Gav Henthorne, April & Melvyn Lewis, James Hadden, Mark Guest
17-May 19:00 9.00 Miles K7/9 4/4  Melvyn Lewis, Alastair Semple, Sue Semple, Christine Bresson
24-May 18:45 21.00 Miles K7/21 2/2  April Lewis, Roger Morris
7-Jun 19:00 25.00 Miles K7/25 2/2  James Hadden, Gavin Henthorne
11-Jun 10:00 Stafford RC Road Race 21/24  Andy Bollen, Alastair & Sue Semple, Paula & Isabella Blackburn, Graham Kelly, Don Picken, Sarah Brookes, Kevin Breeze, Paul Taylor & Fran, Gavin Henthorne, Christine Bresson, Hugh Canning, Chris Hassall, Rob Leese, Mark Allen, Adrian Tasker, Michael Tracey, James Hadden, Mark Guest, Peter Kendrick, Dominic Noone, Dave Pugh (11), Toby Kemp (12)
17-Jun 11:00 5.00 Miles K7/5w CANCELLED
28-Jun 19:00 15.00 Miles K7/15 3/3  Dave Pugh, James Hadden, Fran Nevin
12-Jul 19:00 9.00 Miles K7/9 3/4  Roger Morris, Andy Bollen, James Hadden, Christine Bresson
26-Jul 19:00 5.00 Miles K7/5w 4/5  Richard Hill, Andy Bollen, Rob Tracey, James Hadden
9-Aug 18:30 10.00 Miles K7/10 4/4  Alastair Semple, Sue Semple, James Hadden, Ceri Evans
3-Sep 8:00 50.00 Miles K7/50 2/2  Ceri Evans, James Hadden
10-Sep 8:00 50.00 Miles K7/50 1/2  Paul Taylor
17-Sep 8:30 25.00 Miles K7/25 2/2  Richard Hill, Dave Pugh
1-Jan 11:00 5.00 Miles K7/5 2/4  Alastair & Sue Semple