Junior Member


Membership of the Club is open to all. Candidates must a) be 16 to 18 year of age b)complete a membership form c) have personal cyclist 3rd party insurance, CTC discounted insurance is available through SRC, d) be approved by the Club Committee.

Non-member may only participate in a maximum of 3 club runs as a Guest Rider.

Club Annual Subscriptions are due on 1st August and payable by 31st August.

New members who join the Club on or after 1st February will pay the following in their first year:

  • Junior Membership — £9.00

New members who join the Club on or after 1st May will pay:

Junior Membership — £6.00

Members who have rendered valuable services to or on behalf of the Club may be elected at an AGM as Honorary members. They will enjoy all the privileges of ordinary membership but no subscription shall be payable.

As an affiliated member of British Cycling, all Stafford Road Club members should comply with British Cycling’s Codes of Conduct and apply British Cycling’s Best Practice Guidelines.

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