Go-Ride Races – October 2022

On the 15th October, the British Cycling Community Coach at Cannock Chase and SRC Go-Ride, put on a Go-Ride Race, which are for riders to get a taster of racing, in a more relaxed atmosphere.

It was a great event attended by over 40 riders (with a number of riders from the club), split across three categories, with courses to suit each category. Go-Ride courses tend to be less technical, but can still be demanding for novice racers, especially where riding on grass is involved.

All the riders enjoyed the mornings racing and had great weather, although a little breezy at times.

Well done to all the riders and thank you to the parents for bringing along the riders, cheering on all the riders and making it a memorable event for them.

Results are as follows:

Under 7s Girls
1st Edith Delicompagni (SRC)
2nd Olivia Shephard (SRC)

Under 7s Boys
1st Leo Lawrence
2nd Frankie Jones
3rd Rufus Honeyford (SRC)

Under 9s Girls
1st Isabel Stringer
2nd Rosie Anthony (SRC)
3rd Lily Emerson

Under 9s Boys
1st Luca Hodgkinson
2nd Calum McCausland (SRC)
3rd Teddy Jones

Under 12s Girls
1st Anna Hallchurch
2nd Martha Honeyford (SRC)

Under 12s Boys
1st Harry Donald
2nd Oliver Howard
3rd Cody Hodgkinson

Under 16 Girls
1st Mia Lewis (SRC)
2nd Sophie Anthony (SRC)

Under 16 Boys
1st Joseph Laidler (SRC)
2nd Aidan Walters
3rd Archie Williams

To see what is happening with British Cycling at Birches Valley, see their Facebook page here.

Keep an eye out on our Facebook page, as hopefully we will be putting on more of this next year and maybe something a little different for us in the Autumn!

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