Gary Morris Bench has been reinstated  

The sun came out today as Stafford Road Club replaced the bench first installed in 2009 to remember our club mate and friend Garry Morris at the top of ‘Morris Mount’ Lilyhurst Hill, Sherrifhales

Graham and Alastair trying to find a level

Ade doing the tech stuff while Alastair try’s to make himself useful

Graham, Sue and Ade trying it out for size


The bench back in its rightful place


Special thanks to Ade Robinson, Graham Kelly and Alastair Semple for their help and Susan Semple for the expert supervision.  Great also to see Gary’s old friend Dave Drayton Green pop along to say hello.

Stafford Road Club would also like to extend our thanks to Roger Morris who for the last 12 years has been cutting the grass, planting bulbs and making the surround area look beautiful, your work Roger is appreciated by everyone who visits or cycles by and most importantly Gary family too.




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