Competitive Cycling For Life

National Champions

I recently attended the VTTA National AGM where its always a pleasure to listen to the incredible performances at the awards presentation. Among the outstanding performances, Conrad Moss rode 46:12 for a 25 at age 47, Richard Oakes rode 18:10 for a 10 at age 53, Andy Grant rode 1:48:39 for a 50 at age 69, and Graham Mann at age 73 completed 348.07 miles in a 24 hour! Angela Carpenter at 53 has a new 10 mile record of 20:24, faster than any younger women vet.  Rachael Elliott and Ian Greenstreet continue to blitz the mixed tandem records with a combined age of 102. They set a 25 mile record of 48:45, a 50 mile record of 1:39:57 and a 100 mile record of 3:40:26.  Our trike members have also been busy this year with Mark Vowells, age 69, setting 3 new records (10,15 and 25 miles) and Mary Corbett, age 64, twice breaking the 10 mile record. But the standout record breakers of the season must be Norman Harvey (age 89) who with Mary set new records on their tandem trike at 10, 15, 25, 30, 50, 100 miles and yes 12 hours as well.

A local legend you may spot in the photo of the 2022 winners is Ian Holbrook (Stone Wheelers) far right

Veteran Time Trial Association (VTTA)

The Veterans Time Trials Association promotes time trialling for those aged 40 and over.  The VTTA provides events and competitions that allows those over 40 to compete on a’ level playing field’ through its unique handicapping system.  Age is no limiter when it comes to cycling but the VTTA allows us all to enjoy Competitive Cycling for Life.  We all still race for our club, but by being a member of the VTTA there are a whole range of challenges and achievements to strive for each year.  VTTA website

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