Stafford RC TT Events 2014 provisional

We have combined with Walsall RCC to provide more events whilst reducing marshalling. All Events between Sun 9th March and Sun 21st September, except the open and come and give it a go events, will count for Club competitions whichever club is promoting the event.

Stafford RC events 2014
Date Promoter Distance Course Time Type Start Results
Wed 1st Jan Stafford 5 K7/5 11:00 Pottal Pool
Sun 23rd Feb Walsall 10 K7/10 09:00 Dunston
Sun 9th Mar Stafford 23 K48/23 10:00 Hilly Weston
Sun 16th Mar Stafford 23 K48/23 10:00 Hilly Weston
Sun 23rd Mar Stafford 23 K48/23 10:00 Hilly Weston
Sun 30th Mar 23 K48/23 11:00 BDCA Open Event Weston
Sun 6th Apr Stafford 50 (25) K7/50 09:00 Dunston
Wed 9th Apr Stafford 5 K7/5 18:30 Pottal Pool
Wed 16th Apr Walsall 5 K7/5 18:30 Pottal Pool
Wed 23rd Apr Stafford 10 K48/10 19:00 Weston
Wed 30th Apr Walsall 10 K48/10 19:00 Weston
Wed 7th May Stafford 10 K6/10 19:00 Gailey
Wed 14th May Walsall 10 K6/10 19:00 Gailey
Wed 21st May Stafford 10 K6/10 19:00 Gailey
Sat 24th May 10 K48/10 14:00 VTTA Open & West Mids possibly part of the Womens Series Weston
Sun 25th May 23 K48/23 11:00 VTTA Open Weston
Wed 28th May Stafford 21 K7/21 18:45 Hilly Castle Bank
Wed 4th Jun Walsall 25 K7/25 19:00 Dunston
Wed 11th Jun Stafford 25 K7/25 19:00 Dunston
Wed 18th Jun Walsall 25 K7/25 19:00 Dunston
Sun 22nd Jun Stafford 5 K7/5W 14:00 Come and try event Great Bridgeford Village Hall
Wed 25th Jun Walsall 10 K6/10 19:00 Gailey
Wed 2nd Jul Stafford 9 K7/9 19:00 Hilly Penkridge
Wed 9th Jul Walsall 10 K6/10 19:00 Gailey
Wed 16th Jul Stafford 9 K7/9 19:00 Hilly Penkridge
Sat 19th Jul 25 A25/11 14:00 Etwell Open
Sun 20th Jul Stafford 5 K7/5W 14:00 Come and try event Great Bridgeford Village Hall
Wed 23rd Jul Walsall 10 K6/10 19:00 Gailey
Wed 30th Jul Stafford 9 K7/9 19:00 Hilly Penkridge
Wed 6th Aug Walsall 21 K7/21 18:45 Hilly Castle Bank
Wed 13th Aug Stafford 5 K7/5 19:00 Pottal Pool
Wed 20th Aug Walsall 5 K7/5 19:00 Pottal Pool
Sun 24th Aug Stafford 50 (25) K7/50 09:00 Dunston
Wed 27th Aug Walsall 5 K7/5 18:45 Pottal Pool
Sun 7th Sep Stafford 50 (25) K7/50 09:00 Dunston
Sun 21st Sep Stafford HC KH23 11:00 Hill climb Top of Morris Mount
Sun 28th Sep Stafford HC KH24 09:30 Hill climb Laybye at top of hill
Sun 12th Oct Walsall HC KH41 09:30 Hill climb
Sun 19th Oct Walsall 5 K7/5 09:00 Pottal Pool

Evaluate your season

Evaluate Your Season With 5 Simple Questions

by Tyrone A. Holmes, Ed.D, CPT for (the Jounral of Cycle Coaching issue No.2:2013)

 Just recived this latest ABBC magazine and thought this article was particlualy useful given the time of year and one to share with  those of use already looking aheadd to the 2014 season : )

It’s that time of year again. Many of us are coming to the end of another, hopefully successful, cycling season. Your first step is to get some hardearned rest. You can still ride, just take it easy and have fun. This is a great time to ride with friends and family members who can’t stay with you during training rides. It is also a great time to take part in other activities you enjoy like running, swimming, rollerblading, hiking and skating. Your second step is to honestly evaluate your performance. This is vital in order to set goals and develop a training regimen for the upcoming season. Assessing your performance is a relatively simple process. Just answer five questions and remember to be honest with yourself.


This question is easy to answer if you have goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound (i.e., SMART goals). For instance, to complete a 40K time trial in 1-hour and to finish in the top-10 at the state criterium championships are examples of SMART goals. Likewise, to complete a century in six hours is also an example of a SMART goal. However, whether you set SMART goals or not, just be clear about how you achieved a particular objective. For example, did you accomplish a goal because of significant improvement in a particular physiological ability such as aerobic endurance or functional threshold power, or did you achieve the goal because it was set too low? Try to ABCC understand the specific reason you were able to achieve each objective.


First of all, don’t be discouraged if you fail to achieve some of your goals. This is normal when you set challenging objectives. In fact, if you accomplish all of your goals, there is a possibility you set the bar too low. Try to understand the reason you came up short in some areas. Were your goals realistic? If they were achievable, what was the missing element? Was there a problem with your training? Were there external barriers that got in your way? Did something cause you to struggle at certain times during the season? The key is to be clear about why you came up short in some areas so you can use this information as you plan for the upcoming season.


Think in terms of the six key physiological abilities: aerobic endurance, muscular endurance, lactate threshold, aerobic capacity, anaerobic capacity and neuromuscular power. What was your strongest ability during the season? Which abilities allowed you to accomplish your goals? For example, if your goal was to finish your first century ride and you made it, aerobic endurance was a definite strength. If you set a personal best in a 40K time trial, lactate threshold and functional threshold power were strengths.


Conversely, of the key physiological abilities, where were you weakest? For example, if you failed in an attempt to set a personal best in a century, you probably need to improve your aerobic endurance and boost your lactate threshold. If you wanted to perform well in time trials and fell short of your expectations, you may need to improve your functional threshold power. If you were expecting greater results in criteriums, you may need to improve your anaerobic capacity and neuromuscular power. If you were disappointed with your results in stage races, you may need to improve your ability to recover after hard efforts. The most important aspect of this question is to be honest about your performance and what you need to do to improve.


Simply stated, are you excited about how the season went? Do you feel good about your performance or are you feeling some disappointment? This is a very important consideration because many athletes get discouraged about their performance if they fail to achieve their goals. This can have a negative impact on your preparation for the upcoming season. No matter what your results are, always try to keep things in perspective. Use these questions as a learning tool to identify the steps you must take to achieve your goals next season.

Coaching day 10 Nov for Stafford RC

As part of Stafford RC events programme for its members we have arranged a coaching day which be led by Peter Read who is one of Britain’s top cycling coaches and senior coach with the Association of British Cycle Coaches (The ABCC) which is the governing body of cycle coaches in the UK.  Peter has been a professional coach for over 25 years and has and still is coaching some of the fastest male and female riders in the country.  He is the author to a number of training manuals one of the best known being “The Black Book”

This coaching day will be suitable for any rider who would like to better their performance whether this be on a sportive, time trial, road race or club ride.   During the day we will all get to hear first hand some of latest training methods Peter is using as well as his tried and tested methods and have the opportunity to discuss with him how this training might best suit our own needs and abilities.

The coaching day will commence with a 2hr talk/discussion where Peter will run through the latest training tools he uses and talk about training plans, recovery, nutrition and equipment.

Then in the afternoon there will be the opportunity to try out the training first hand.  Peter will lead a turbo class were you will get to try out many of the training methods discussed in the morning and you will have the opportunity to ask about bike position.

The training day will take place at the Forestry Commissions classrooms, Birches Valley Cannock Chase WS15 2UQ (used for our summer BBQ)

10:00 drinks and refreshments
10:30 to 12:30 talk / discussion
12:30 to 13:30 lunch (not provided)
13:30 to 15:30 turbo session

Cost £10 per person

Places are limited (20) due to the size of the venue so please contact me to book a place.  These will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

You will need a bike, turbo (rollers),towel, drinks for the afternoon session and of course lunch

To book a place please contact Alastair at

TOB stage 4

Thanks to Melvyn for this great shot of Cav and Bradley climbing Berry Bank in todays stage and to Andrew Wilde for the Wednesday group shot out near Loggerheads




SRC Hat Trick Podium Finishers

Today was the TLI National Championships and we had 3 SRC riders competing in separate age group events.  Matt Bonehill was first off and took 2nd place overall in his event, Matt Alcock 3rd in his and Andy Prince took 2nd in his event.


Well done to the 3 of you and superb results in a National Road Race Championship.

SRC Awards Dinner Fri 8th Nov

The Club’s Awards Dinner has now been confirmed for Friday the 8th of November and will be held once again at the Moat House, Acton Trussell.

Full details of the menu and booking forms will be circulated in due course but please add this date into your dairy.

Each year the club runs a raffles as part of the evenings celebrations to help raise funds for the many cycling events the club runs each year.  So, if you do attend, we would be pleased to receive any suitable items you might have on the night.  If however you are already busy that evening but wish to donate something, please contact Sue Smith at

The Bonehill Express arrives in Record Time

Matt Bonehill set off today on a mission.  After setting a new club course record two weeks ago on the K7/50 and coming within 50 seconds of a course record time set by Scott Westwood (Walsall RC) in 2009, one of the fastest testers in the country, Matt set off today to better Scott’s time.  With favourable conditions at the start he completed his first 25 miles in an impressive 55:26 leaving a few spectators thinking he may have gone off too fast.  As the wind speed increased it seemed touch and go how he would perform in the second half of his ride.

Not to disappoint Matt rode a super strong second half finishing with an average cadence of 95, travelling at 11.6m per second, an average speed of  26.44mph he smashed Scott’s time finishing in 1:53:22 knocking 1 min and 41 seconds off his time.

An incredible ride and demonstrates what a superb rider Matt is at every cycling discipline he turns his hand too.


Well done Matt from all the Stafford RC members who were out to cheer you on today

Tony takes 7th and a 2nd cat racing licence

Tony Childs been having a great racing season this year and I have just heard today he picked up a 7th place in a race at Curburgh and 3 more BC points giving him a total this year of 41 from just 14 races which included two 3rd places.  

So after earning 40 BC points he has now earned himself a well deserved 2nd cat licence.  Well Done Tony you have found some excellent form this season and earned some great results with it.

Smashed it !

Well its been a long season and as yet with no real rewards for myself.

 But today it all came together.  I went out to ride a 30 mile TT and looking to better my vet record and challenge the senior men’s record of 1:7:39 set by Steve Hitchin in 1997.  But a week after finishing a 100 mile TT I was slightly unsure of how well my legs had recovered. 

But before I left the HQ there was a heavy hail storm and the roads were awash as I began my ride, but fortunately by the time I rode up onto the A50 the roads were drying up again.  Anyhow the plan was to push a big gear, do not look at the clock and ride my sock s off!

The ride felt great, wind all the way out but fast on the return leg and dry.  The weather held off until the last mile when the heavens opened again.  I crossed the finish line in 1:05:42 knocking 4 min off my previous vets record (1:09:49) and most importantly nearly 2 minutes off the men’s record.  What a great day

I still have a few races left this season but today was the icing on the cake and regardless of what happens in the last few events today’s ride has made the last 10 months training and racing worth it.

Two in a week

Susan Semple did an excellent ride in the Mercia 30 mile Time Trial knocking 2 and a half minutes off her previous pb and has set 2 new club records (women’s record & women’s vets record) with a time of 1:11:48 with an average speed of 25mph. 

 This is the 3rd year on a trot that Susan has set new records at this distance so let’s hope she can continue her record rides this time next year.