Go-Ride Races – October 2022

On the 15th October, the British Cycling Community Coach at Cannock Chase and SRC Go-Ride, put on a Go-Ride Race, which are for riders to get a taster of racing, in a more relaxed atmosphere.

It was a great event attended by over 40 riders (with a number of riders from the club), split across three categories, with courses to suit each category. Go-Ride courses tend to be less technical, but can still be demanding for novice racers, especially where riding on grass is involved.

All the riders enjoyed the mornings racing and had great weather, although a little breezy at times.

Well done to all the riders and thank you to the parents for bringing along the riders, cheering on all the riders and making it a memorable event for them.

Results are as follows:

Under 7s Girls
1st Edith Delicompagni (SRC)
2nd Olivia Shephard (SRC)

Under 7s Boys
1st Leo Lawrence
2nd Frankie Jones
3rd Rufus Honeyford (SRC)

Under 9s Girls
1st Isabel Stringer
2nd Rosie Anthony (SRC)
3rd Lily Emerson

Under 9s Boys
1st Luca Hodgkinson
2nd Calum McCausland (SRC)
3rd Teddy Jones

Under 12s Girls
1st Anna Hallchurch
2nd Martha Honeyford (SRC)

Under 12s Boys
1st Harry Donald
2nd Oliver Howard
3rd Cody Hodgkinson

Under 16 Girls
1st Mia Lewis (SRC)
2nd Sophie Anthony (SRC)

Under 16 Boys
1st Joseph Laidler (SRC)
2nd Aidan Walters
3rd Archie Williams

To see what is happening with British Cycling at Birches Valley, see their Facebook page here.

Keep an eye out on our Facebook page, as hopefully we will be putting on more of this next year and maybe something a little different for us in the Autumn!

2022 WMCCL CycloCross League – Halfway Stage

We have now arrived at the halfway stage for the West Midlands Cyclocross League 2022.

For the 6th race in the series, we had 12 riders attending (unfortunately one had to leave before we could herd everyone together for the photo), all wearing club colours. We now also have an honouree member of the club called BOB. BOB is our new “Big Orange Box”, where we can gather, chill and relax before and after a race and if the weather does turn, allow some respite from the elements if needed and allow a swift change of clothes for the journey home. We also have a new bike stand to save having the bike lying on the floor and risking them getting stood on, but if the numbers keep going up, we are going to have to get another few!!

All the riders did brilliantly today and our newer racers, have grown in confidence and are now not daunted by the race starts, as they were 6 races ago, and all showed lots of desire and determination during the race. We even had a 1st and two 3rd places riders this week with another just missing out!

As coaches, we could not ask for any more from yourselves, from racing, to cheering your fellow racers on, to being great ambassadors for the club.

Every week we have comments [all good :-)] from other clubs and race officials, which makes us all extremely proud.

Keep doing what you are doing, as you are all doing brilliantly

Christmas Party 2022 – Save the Date

Christmas Party 2022 – It’s Back….

The Christmas Party is back!! Following a topsy turvy few years with Covid restrictions, we are glad to announce that we have arranged a party for the Go-Ride section, to celebrate the great year we have had as a club and chance to get those glad rags on (or MTB gear if you wanted!).

Food and a disco will be put on, along with a little presentation for all the riders.

The date is Friday 2nd December, so save the date. Tickets will go on sale soon!

2022 WMCCL CycloCross League – 4 races down, 8 to go

From just two riders last year competing under the SRC name, this year we have had 10 riders wearing the kit racing, with the majority registered for league points and others seeing if they like it, ready for next year and using as training for the 2023 MTB season.

CycloCross is a bit different to MTB, as races tend to be a lot more manic to start with and racing is flat out with very few opportunities to rest as there are very few long downhill sections, which caught a few out in the first race.

All riders are doing brilliantly and have improved week on week, especially adjusting to the different race features, plus many racing on their MTB’s which doesn’t help when there is a long flat section, where the gearing of a CX bike allows the other riders to stretch their legs.

All the riders get there before the first race and if they can, stay till the last race, to cheer everyone on and give them a boost, making every race a home race.

Keep doing what you are doing, as you are all doing brilliantly.

2022 West Midlands MTB XC Series – Team League Winners

What a brilliant season for the youth section of SRC at the West Midlands MTB XC Series. Unfortunately it was only 2 races, but what races they were, with some quite technical and gruelling courses provided.

Out of 105 team that attended the event, SRC came first, even though it was only attended by the junior section of the club. What a massive achievement by all the riders that raced.

Of the 20 riders that attended the series, 11 were new to racing, but you would never have known as they threw everything in it.

Over the two races, the riders had 3 first places, 2 second places and 4 3rd places, which is a fantastic achievement, especially with so many first timers. As said in the last write-up for the second round, someone did question if the podium was correct in one of the categories as the was no SRC rider on it.

The club and coaches would like to say a massive thank you to the riders who attended and gave it there all. There were a few spills on the way, but everyone finished their races and made us proud and behaved impeccably.

The final shout out goes to the parents for bringing their riders to session after session on a Saturday morning and/or a Wednesday evening and giving up a weekend lie-in, especially on a race weekend.

2021 National MTB XC Series – SRC gets on the Podium

Congratulations to Evie for getting 3rd place overall in the 2021 National MTB XC Series, which was held over 5 rounds, with it going down to the wire at the last event, in Tackaroo on Cannock Chase.

Congratulations also go to Mazie, who was the second representative of the club in the competition, who came 5th overall.

Go-Ride 14th October

Due to an event taking place at the Tackeroo on Saturday 14th October, coaching will not be going ahead.  Instead we another lead/social ride will take place.  The ride will start at the Milford Common car park and we will leave at 10am, we will ride through the Chase upto Marquis Drive visitors centre for refreshments at the cafe.   Following the cafe stop we will return through the chase to Milford Common which is mainly downhill.

The ride should take between 2  to 2 and a half hours.  Riders must be able to complete the ride 10 miles with the cafe stop being after 5 miles.  Parents are encouraged to join the ride but a suitable MTB/hybrid bike will be needed for this off-road course.

Go-Ride Race – 7th October Cancelled

Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control, we have to cancel the Go-Ride rice at the Tackeroo Campsite on Saturday 7th October.  We apologise for the late notice of this cancellation and apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause.