A few more opportunities this season

We still have several local TT events taking place in August and September around Stafford and there is no better way to test your current fitness than against the clock.

The ‘Race of Truth’ is the ultimate challenge, but its not just simply an all out effort from the start.  You have to pace your effort, starting off steady then lifting your effort gradually so you arrive at the finish with your legs empty.

For those who want to know their Functional Threshold Power (FTP) at the end of the season then a 25 mile TT will do just that, and far more motivational than testing solo or indoors on a turbo.

Here are Stafford Road Club remaining events and below a link to all the Midlands club events.  For club events there is no need to pre enter.

wed 30/08/2023 18:45 Stafford Road Club K7/5w 5.00 Miles
Sun 03/09/2023 08:00 Stafford Road Club K7/25 25 Miles
Sun 03/09/2023 08:00 Stafford Road Club K7/50 50.00 Miles
Mon 01/01/2024 10:30 New Years Day Special Stafford Road Club K7/5 5.00 Miles

Here is a link to all the club events still to take place in the Midlands Cycling Time Trials: District:


Sept 17th K48/10

For those of us who are also fighting off mother nature as we grow old and strive to go faster then on the 17th September I am hosting the Veteran Time Trial Association (VTTA) National 10 mile Championships on our local K48/10 course.  Here you will get to race alongside some of the fastest women and men in the country who refuse to grow old and slow down.

I have set the entry field to 150 riders to ensure that there are places available for everyone of any age, and not just VTTA members. So if you fancy riding here is the entry LINK  (riders must pre-enter this event and the closing date is midnight on the 5th Sept).

If you do not fancy riding but would like to come along and support me hosting the event and see up close just how fast some people can go, then please get in touch via ascoaching@outlook.com as all support would be gratefully appreciated.

For anyone who is not familiar with the VTTA it was set up to allow cyclists from the age of 40, of either gender, to race on an equal basis using an Age Adjusted Time (handicap system).  As we age we can not hope to match the times produced by many of the younger riders but the VTTA moto “Competitive Cycling For Life” and the use of Age Adjusted Times provides us all with the opportunity to enjoy racing against the clock, with no age limitations.


So from everyone at Stafford Road Club we hope you have a fabulous end to the 2023 season and you are able to join us on one or all of the above events

Stay Safe, Stay Fit, Stay on Your Bike


Alastair Semple

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