New LED tail light

Do not normally promote adverts sent to the club but this product looks very good and reasonably priced.  So if like me you commute to work in traffic if these lights are as effective as they appear on the photo below they are defiantly worth considering for when the night draw in again.  If anyone has seen them please add a comment below as a review



I would like to use this opportunity to tell your cycling club about a product that I think could greatly improve the safety of your members.


It is an LED tail light similar to a Cateye, but in addition to flickering it projects a laser ‘bicycle lane’ on the riding surface behind the rider. This helps other road users better judge how much space is needed to pass the cyclist safely. Recently with all the unfortunate cycling accidents and fatalities, we really can not be careful enough. Even though no product can ever fully protect us cyclists, I am confident that this product can go a long way to help make us more visible to other road users.


I have personally tested this product and have had other cyclists test it as well,and can confirm that it is of good quality. Performance is also unaffected in wet and rainy conditions and they are weather proof. I have this BICYCLE LASER LED TAIL LIGHT on offer, this light uses AAA batteries and offers excellent battery life.


I can offer this product at a competitive price with a great SPECIAL OFFER when ordering larger quantities.


Every package includes:

1 x Bicycle 5 LED + Laser Rear Light

1 x Rear Light Mount Holder

2 x free AAA batteries


Below are the links to our ebay shop, where this light can be purchased:


This flat light is available at a cost of £6-74 per piece

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