2022 WMCCL CycloCross League – Halfway Stage

We have now arrived at the halfway stage for the West Midlands Cyclocross League 2022.

For the 6th race in the series, we had 12 riders attending (unfortunately one had to leave before we could herd everyone together for the photo), all wearing club colours. We now also have an honouree member of the club called BOB. BOB is our new “Big Orange Box”, where we can gather, chill and relax before and after a race and if the weather does turn, allow some respite from the elements if needed and allow a swift change of clothes for the journey home. We also have a new bike stand to save having the bike lying on the floor and risking them getting stood on, but if the numbers keep going up, we are going to have to get another few!!

All the riders did brilliantly today and our newer racers, have grown in confidence and are now not daunted by the race starts, as they were 6 races ago, and all showed lots of desire and determination during the race. We even had a 1st and two 3rd places riders this week with another just missing out!

As coaches, we could not ask for any more from yourselves, from racing, to cheering your fellow racers on, to being great ambassadors for the club.

Every week we have comments [all good :-)] from other clubs and race officials, which makes us all extremely proud.

Keep doing what you are doing, as you are all doing brilliantly

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