2022 WMCCL CycloCross League – 4 races down, 8 to go

From just two riders last year competing under the SRC name, this year we have had 10 riders wearing the kit racing, with the majority registered for league points and others seeing if they like it, ready for next year and using as training for the 2023 MTB season.

CycloCross is a bit different to MTB, as races tend to be a lot more manic to start with and racing is flat out with very few opportunities to rest as there are very few long downhill sections, which caught a few out in the first race.

All riders are doing brilliantly and have improved week on week, especially adjusting to the different race features, plus many racing on their MTB’s which doesn’t help when there is a long flat section, where the gearing of a CX bike allows the other riders to stretch their legs.

All the riders get there before the first race and if they can, stay till the last race, to cheer everyone on and give them a boost, making every race a home race.

Keep doing what you are doing, as you are all doing brilliantly.

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