2014-08-27 K7/5 5Mile TT results

Thanks to Paul Edwards and Walsall for running this event and Alastair.

There were some excellent performances tonight
Keri Parton beat the women’s record by 12 seconds
and Steve Turner beat the men’s course record by 2 secs
Congratulations to you both.

many PB’s were beaten as follows:-
Craig Bromley by 52 secs.
John Baugh by 1min 47 secs.
Neil Curtis by 62 secs.
Louise Notley by 61 secs.
Ceri Evans by 41 secs
Robert Steele by 46 secs
Andrew Tomlinson by 47 secs.
Ben Allerton by 44 secs.
Daniel Arnold by 26 secs.
Thomas Knipe by 33 secs.
Andrew Dalloway by 21 secs.
Phil Gambles by 28 secs.
Phil Hogan by 25 secs.
Melvyn Lewis by 24 secs.
Martyn Shore by 19 secs.
Dan Ward by 20 secs.
James Notley by 15 secs.
Kevin Breeze by 9 secs.
Greg Caley by 3 secs.
Paul Taylor by 7 secs.
Kevin Skidmore by 3 secs
Simon Bates by 2 secs.

Click this link to view the results

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